I Am I Can

An Unique NLP Leadership Program and Attitudinal change program designed to motivate the kids for enhancing their true potential.

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Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments play a role of the evaluator and scientifically measures the progress of the child. It enables parents and teachers to guide

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Happiness Workshop

Gift yourself loads of enthusiasm & harmony by scientific effective methods of excellence in this YEAR…At Educoncepts India we believe women

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Mindmap Workshop

A Mind Map is a thinking tool that reflects externally what goes on inside your head. It is like a Swiss Army for the brain. Anything you want

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Director Message

" How would you like a way to help your child to feel more successful at home, at school, with friends?

How would you like to feel less stress in your life and have a better relationship with your child?

What if your child knew simple, effective strategies that will enable him to learn easily and..."