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Alumni Speak

Dear Pragati Madam,

“Thanks a ton. I am very happy that my daughter Surbhi is being Guided by your during these crucial years of life when the right kind of moulding can change the entire course of her life.”

Shilpa Burman
Child Name: Surbhi Burman (Class: 6th)
Birla Vidya Niketan

This program has brought a very visibly positive change and has appealed to my mindset. The program has taught me to think and reach for the best even in the most repulsive times.

Raj Rathi
Child Name: Divya Rathi (Class: IX- C)
ST. Anthony’s School, V.K.

Dear Pragati Madam,

“This is to thankyou for Introducing a programme like “I am I can.” It actually is helping me in my Endeavour of making my child, Shubham, a good human being who can handle life with ease.”


Shashi Chawla

“The program has been very useful for Khushi in developing a different & better perspective about life & making her more confident.

Khushi has learnt to tackle difficult situations differently & control her reactions.”

Sumitabh Bhatnagar (IT Professional)
Child Name: Khushi Bhatnagar (Class: 5th)
Delhi Public School.Vasant Vihar

“My experience in NLP has been wonderful and enriching. I now know to set my targets. I am able to analyze things. it is because of this program I am able to identify my weakness.”

Chhaya Thadnani

The programme is wonderful, gave insight of leadership aspects to the little champs, who in turn will develop themselves as leaders of tomorrow.

“Attitude & confidence” means if we do the work with positive attitude, we will succeed in life and it we add confidence, people will follow you.

Ramanand Sharma (Professional)
Child Name: Surya Ramanand Sharma (Class: 4th)
The Heritage School V.K.

“This has been a great experience. The total learning process and they way it is handled is great.
The confidence level and ability to handle a lot of day to day challenges have been really improved.”

Vandana Lakhanpal
Child Name: Tushar (Class: 6th)
Delhi Public School V.K.

“This programme helps a child to gain confidence more vocal better communication skills and also helps to adjust in different situation of life.

It is good to see Aditi’s confidence and to overcome with the things which were bothering me. She is learning to adjust with the situation which is helping her out.”

Amit Yajaik, Arati Yajaik (Educationist Laxman Public School)
Child Name: Aditi Yajaik (Class: 11th)
Laxman Public School

“It is very good programme. It is not demanding & at the same time it makes our child learn a lot.

He has learnt a lot. He has learnt his strengths, time planning & learnt learning with joy.”

Dr. Ritu Singh
Child Name: Rohan Singh (Class: 5th)
Delhi Public School, V.K.