~ Faculty Training ~

In the world becoming more and more virtual , the human relations skills are being relegated to a backdrop-along with the commonest skill of taking charge(leadership) at home / school / society...and yet never before have these skills made so much of sense than TODAY!!!

Educoncepts India Initiatives is the premier leadership development organization in North India that has partnered with several Delhi / NCR schools to produce measurable results by facilitating communication and Leadership skills in the faculties. We are a group of specialists who are passionate to design solutions that unleash the employee’s potential, enabling them to reach the next levels of personal and professional performance.

Educoncepts  India Initiatives offers public courses, seminars and workshops as well as in- house customised leadership development trainings for the prefect students and teachers. We have recently added another feather in our cap by offering customised modules for the DU lecturers soon.

Using the unique Pure NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming),psychometric assessments and life coaching approach,down to earth presentations / seminars and delightful action plans, we have been able to revisit the universal fact that “TEACHING IS AT THE HEART OF WHAT IT IS TO BE HUMAN”

We provide customised solutions in the areas of :

  • Communicating And Relating
  • Fine Art Of Motivation-Different Strokes For Different Folks
  • The Power Of Perspective-Self Esteem Boosters
  • Beliefs Of Excellence
  • Planning-The Mind Mapping Way
  • Goal Setting And Desired Outcomes
  • Stress Management-When Peace And Tranquillity Are Worth A Thousand Pieces Of Gold
  • Learning In School Subjects—Special Attributes
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Being A Team Player-Some Critical Attributes
  • Time Management
  • Balancing Work – Home Responsibilities
  • Communicating Growth Mindsets
  • Captivating Communications because how the teacher talks to the kids tells alot about how they feel about him, their language determines his destiny
  • Mind And Body Are Part Of The Same System. And many more...

To gift our trainings to the staff and prefect candidates of your school and  to make purposeful and planned contributions to their leadership quotient , please mail at office@educonceptsindia.com today.  

For personalised discussion into the same, mail HEAD –Learning and Development at pragatirao@educonceptsindia.com