What is I am I can?

I am I can is a unique activity oriented attitudinal change process modelled around the science of NLP(Neuro linguistic programming)It is only leadership initiative for kids in age group of 8 to 16, that aims at balancing their IQ and EQ ...a wholistic growth program.It is based on the premise that each kid has all the resources that they ever will ever need to achieve anything they truly aspire for.

What is NLP?

NLP is the advanced psychology and the study of what works in thinking , language and behaviour. It is a wonderful way of reproducing excellence at HOME / SCHOOL / SOCIETY that will enable the kids to consistently achieve the results that they want in these areas of life.

Why I am I can?

Children in today’s world are inundated with loads of information and advice about who to be , what to do , how to do / live / talk and so on which leads to an adaptive approach to living.with I am I can they generate their own solutions / choices about what is working with them and what needs to be replaced.

The program combines the best of psychometrics and advanced psychology approaches to teach them skills for life , school , and communication.

My child is well adjusted , very intelligent and quite managed , does she still need a leadership approach?

The pace at which the things around us are moving is complicated and in constant state of flux. The challenges our kids face today are not the same challenges that they will face tomorrow. So the proven way to anchor young people with what they are doing well is to gift them such timeless principles at such young age as it is the imprint period of life that leads to beliefs , values and motivations that will stay for times to come

Isn’t 8 years a little too early?

It is the right age as the child’s cognitive abilities take over and she starts profoundly contemplating things. They start reasoning things and the beginning of her belief systems.

Therefore , as they form their belief system it is imperative that they should be open , positive and result oriented where doubts on his abilities don’t arise.

Will this program make him better in academics?

YES!!!The program has a complete focus on their psychometrically traced study habits and sessions on study goals , mind mapping for studies , note making , tools to trace the reading styles to be used , anxiety handling tools , concentration and memory exercises , critical / lateral thinking activities , strategies to study different subjects etc.

How does the program develop concentration?

We have specially designed activities wherein the child is given such riveting situations that he has to really focus but these are not video clips but scientific and psychological activities which increase the span of attention and promotes concentration competencies.

Is personality development different from what you do?

PDP classes are more generic in nature. There are various things that are told to children and they primarily focus on overt behaviour. Our approach focuses on the covert behaviour as that ultimately leads to overt behaviour. Here the exercises don’t happen by chance but are scientifically driven and focus on sustained long term results. It not only about public speaking but an intelligent generative approach to skills and learnings.

What is the major criterion for delivering sustained results?

Our team comprises of people with a passion to learn and deliver results. As we analyze the attitude , personality , beliefs , multiple smarts / intelligences ,etc we simultaneously work with counselling techniques and scientific tools to help them discover empowering solutions that are their own and hence personalised.

Since the child is a direct result of the environment (HOME / SCHOOL / SOCIETY) we undertake sessions for the parents / teachers also for sustained efforts and results at no added cost.

What will the child gain by the year long learning at I am I can?

It has been proven that the perception and beliefs if fine tuned at such crucial age can lead to very resourceful and optimistic future for our children.

We support the children / parents / teachers in identifying the potential and inherent talent and intelligences .the program has proven to build great bridges in families where learning and achieving together becomes the integral part of their existence.

We also support the child’s learning by providing them with exposure at public / media events, leadership competitions , and a membership to the coveted Alumini Consolidation Club...where accepting challenges and learning becomes a way of life.

Our team provides special workshops to address the physical , mental an emotional challenges with teenagers under the able guidance of our mentors who have trained thousands of young kids to excellence.