Our Mentors

Mr. Ashok Subramaniam has over decades of rich and vast experience of working with NLP interventions with national and international organisations engaged in the fields of youth and social empowerment, training, leadership development, and management.

Educoncepts India is actively involved with planning and delivery of a wide range of training programs for a cross section of target groups including policy makers, senior government and non – government officials, business executives and young people with him. His passion to deliver results in kids has engaged him and a powerful initiative for TEENAGERS alone....the only NLP approach to kids / teenagers empowerment in India.

Dr. Kapil Kakar is child and adolescent psychologist and corporate trainer. The team has trained/counseled more than 40,000 students and corporate executives under his brilliant mentorship. He has authored leadership books namely ‘Secrets of success’ and ‘Channelising self for Success’. He has been covered by leading dailies like Hindustan Times, The Times of India, Education Times, South Delhi live and life positive. He is our scholastic associate for all counseling and psychometric assessments. He specializes and cater to never ending research on human development specially students in the field of emotion quotient and scientific personality moulding.