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My School Skill Program

In the present day world the challenges faced by a child are enormous. As students they face intense competition and complicated multitasking, resulting in an immense pressure for performing well in their studies. This is equally applicable to from the top scorers to the mediocre performers. While they grapple with the problems of growing up – physical, psychological and emotional changes, they find that often they are left to contend with the state of affairs on their own. To further compound the situation they have to measure up to the high expectations ( not always realistic of not only the family but also of the teachers and the peers).

MINDMAPPING from experts for note- making, presentations is the special highlight of the module Key objectives of this module

Appreciating Schools

Appreciating schools and studies as a development process.

Time Management

Mastering the clock


Supercharging the study goals

Strategy Making

Strategies to take exams , reading, note making and presentation


Dealing with the self – limiting study script

The social and psychological safety net and support system that the family provided has considerably weakened due to social and economic reasons, as a result in many cases young kids find themselves not adequately prepared to handle these pressures and stress. They have dreams of their career but they are not sure as to whether / how they will be able to achieve them.

The school skills is a 12 – session(three months) module that supports the school effort to initiate an achievement loop in children. It encompasses personalised sessions incorporating everything from goal setting to mental script of excellence to time- management , handling exam / performance anxieties , critical thinking activities and discussion techniques.

As has been rightly said that three fourth of education is encouragement and enthusiasm, this module is initiating an attempt to gift our kids just that …an enthusiasm to LEARN,LEAD and GROW. To gift all these and more fix a meeting with our specialists today. Call 09899131356 or email HEAD: LEARNINGS & DEVELOPMENT at office@educonceptsindia.com