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As part of our NLP Leadership for Personal Development we use a comprehensive approach based on the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Advanced Coaching in the most practical and do-able way. It has a well -researched and revised content, ample exercises, suggestions and resources that helps one to change oneself and the world in which they operate in much more empowering ways.

NLP is about subjective experience around how one perceives and makes sense of the world and people that inhabit it, how one thinks, talk or behaves in the way they do; and above all how to be self-aware enough to create new empowering realities that have enough depth and scope for growth.

If you have some knowledge of NLP already these sessions could be your invaluable resource to integrate what you know to get powerful results and some new ideas to channelize the outcomes you are seeking

To know how we have been transforming mind-sets and growth potential of various entrepreneurs and professionals across various industries through our In- house sessions, Knowledge sessions in your organization or one on one advanced outcome specific outcomes

In case you wish to energise

N- Neurology

 The mind and how you think

L- Linguistics

How we use language and how it affects you

P – Programming

How you sequence your actions to outline, achieve and maintain your goals

Feel free to book an appointment with our team and your coffee is on us.

Write to us at Office@educonceptsindia.com or call us on 9899131356  to explore how we can create more choice in your growth.