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Welcome to an attitudinal cum motivational leadership initiative for kids built around the science of NLP (NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING). This is a truly a activity oriented program.

‘I AM I CAN’ is structured around the premise that kids have all, the resources within themselves to achieve what they want. “They are always motivated either positively or negatively”.

This circular highlights the activities incorporated in this program

Awareness Building

Awareness building on their intelligences/smartness quotient and fun ways to enhance their smartness levels.

Latest techniques

Latest techniquesof self-enhancement like congruency, thinking patterns,filters, anchors etc.

Positive Talk

Thought provokers-incorporating skills of positive self talk and group dynamics.

Talk Time

Talk-time in group discussions, raconteur sessions , conversational inputs

Action Plans

Action plans to induce positive habits and challenges as faced by you.

Thinking activities

Lateral thinking activities to broaden their perspective on people and situations and enhance their chances of success in times to come.


Case Study

The main focus of the program is to:

  • Enhance their self image
  • Optimize use of potential
  • Induce comfortable levels of group interactions
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Introduction of some life altering beliefs to be integrated as part of their system
  • Skills of time management
  • Awareness about their various intelligences
  • Tapping the powers of brain both conscious/unconscious

The activities enhancing the above plus points are kids friendly and somewhat moulded to be fun based and easy to approach and imbibe.

Please ensure steadfast support to this wonderful cause as it will add some really good and responsiblepeople to our societal structure….. Our “ I AM I CAN” trained kids. Please make it a point to boost their morale by positive reinforcements, lots of appreciation and a feeling of doing something worth the effort.”COME LETS GIFT THEM ENTHUSIASM”

I am-I Can is a powerful endeavor undertaken by the group behind Educoncepts India. It is a motivational & leadership approach for young minds in the age group of 14 years because this is the time when their mindsets are developing. We nature them to be growth-oriented for better success in all aspects of life. We successfully blend the time tested techniques of individual growth and sciences like Neuro Linguistic Programming to ensure our kids are well guided to believe in them, in others and understand that other are important part our world.